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Welcome to Floor & Deck Solutions
(Testing, Materials, Marketing & Sales).

Floor and Deck Solutions was founded to assist the Specification Community and Contractors in the selection, specification and installation of commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and infrastructure polymeric materials.

Floor and Deck Solutions provides technical support in development of specifications, site inspection, moisture transmission testing, materials testing and failure analysis.

Technical and sales support are provided by in-house consultants and affiliated consultants in other locations through-out North America.


Floor, Wall and Ceiling Solutions - Protecting the Life Science Industry

Moisture Brochure

Line Card


Airplane Hangers

Animal Care Housing



Food and Beverage

Health and Pharmaceutical

Best Terrazzo Jobs


•  Division 9 floor and wall coatings and fluid applied coatings and thicker surfacing systems, including epoxy terrazzo and polyacrylate terrazzo.

Moisture Mitigation Primer
Auto Maintenance
Auto Production
Kitchen Floor
Terrazzo Logo
Terrazzo Floor
Multipurpose Room
Aircraft Hangar
Epoxy Coating
Health Care
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Health Care
Cove & Floor Sink
Commercial Office
Kitchen Floor

•  Division 7 waterproofing membranes; pedestrian and traffic deck waterproofing surfaces; moisture mitigation systems

Solid Color Deck
Brick Stencil Deck
Decorative Deck
Stamped Deck
MultiDecks With One Hour Fire Rating
Decorative Deck
Brick Deck
Cubic Issusion
Parking Decks

•  Division 3 repair products for repair and protection of concrete, including structural and non-structural adhesives, control joint fillers, patching materials, underlayments, sealers, decorative cementitious overlays and stains.

Epoxy Injection
Control Joint Filling
Filled Control Joint
Glue-Lam Injection
Epoxy Injection
Epoxy Injection
External Reinforcement
Bridge Deck Sealer


Forensic Analysis of failed systems

Forensic Analysis of Failed Systems

Moisture Testing - Relative Humidity

Electro Static Dissipative, Conductive, Dielectric and Adhesion Testing

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